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Executive Advisory Service

Triadic's Executive Advisory Service is designed to support contact center related leaders that are looking to accomplish that "hard to get-to project." These projects are necessary and important work that needs to get done; but the right staff and/or expertise may not be available to get it done now.
Advisory services tend to be more focused, collaborative,
of shorter duration and require fewer Triadic resources.
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Strategic Planning

Everyone knows that a contact center operation, just like other areas of the business should have a strategic plan developed for a 1-3 year horizon. However, all too often day-to-day operations often supersede needed planning activities.  Triadic can take the lead in helping leaders develop a plan including vision/mission, objectives, strategies along with workplans.  Result:  You are more organized and can focus on achieving the goals of your plan, and not trying to stay afloat.

Cost Savings

Cost reduction is the goal of every corporate operation, and contact centers are no exception.  The best way to reduce costs is to monitor and audit, not just make cuts which will ultimately negatively affect the core vision for the operation, and most importantly, customer experience (CX). Triadic has over 30 years of experience in helping contact centers reduce costs without degrading the quality of service.


CX and Engagement

Customer experience and engagement (i.e., customer, employee, and client) are the most fundamental and current concepts in the industry.  They are required priorities to ensure customer loyalty and advocacy for your products and brand. Yet companies often ignore this important priority because the day-to-day consumes most management time.  We provide the expertise, and fill the gap, with your review and approval.  You keep the contact center running and get to those needed projects.


Operations & Performance

Operational projects seem to stay on the “need to have” and “want to have” lists for months or even years because you don’t have the time to create plans and manage the work.  Workforce optimization (metrics & reporting, training, quality, WFM) and other projects just aren’t getting done.  We take on those projects and provide the executive-level expertise to get them done when you don’t have the time to plan, lead and manage anything beyond the day-to-day work.

  1. Telehealth Advisory Services

  2. Outsourcing/insourcing/hybrid

  3. Consolidation (‘centralize to standardize’)

  4. WFO (quality, training, reporting, WFM)

  5. Technology (e.g., IVR, chatbots, AI)

  6. Organizational design

  7. Contact center leadership

  8. Focused assessments

  1. Healthcare (e.g., clinics)

  2. Financial/Insurance services

  3. Corporate contact centers and outsource providers

  4. State government

  5. Retail


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© 2012 Triadic Group, LLC 

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