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Executive Advisory Service - Telehealth

Telehealth Advisory Services

Triadic Group, a leader in contact center and customer experience consulting, is expanding its new telehealth services offering.


The new service is designed to support leaders with their telehealth operation and who are looking to develop this service for current and new patients alike.

Advisory services are more focused, collaborative, and of shorter duration than most consulting engagements and require fewer Triadic resources. Most projects are completed within 45-70 days.
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1. Planning

Everyone knows that a telehealth operation, just like other areas of the business, needs a strategic plan developed for a 1-3-year horizon. However, all too often day-to-day operations supersede needed planning activities.  Triadic can take the lead in helping leaders and managers develop a plan: including vision/mission, objectives, strategies along with high level workplans.  Result:  You are more organized and can focus on achieving the goals of your plan.


2. PX and Engagement

Patient experience (PX) is the one area that is key to creating a successful telehealth operation with excellent patient outcomes. No matter how effective the technology is, it ultimately comes down to patients who are satisfied with their interactions with the healthcare professionals and the pre and post meeting interactions.


3. Cost Reduction

Cost reduction is the goal of every corporate operation, and telehealth can similarly benefit.  The best way to reduce costs is to monitor and audit, not just make cuts which will ultimately negatively affect the core vision for the operation, and most importantly, patient experience (PX). Triadic has over 30 years of experience in helping reduce/contain costs, as looking for -  and often with - improving the quality of service.

4. Operations/Performance; WFO

Operational projects seem to stay on the “need to have” and “want to have” lists for months or even years because you do not have the time to create plans and manage the work.  Workforce optimization (metrics & reporting, training, quality, WFM) and other projects just are not getting done.  We take on those projects and provide the executive level expertise to get them done when you do not have the time to plan, lead and manage beyond the day-to-day work.


5. Technology & Tools

Getting, using and optimizing the technology to conduct successful telehealth is the foundation for a successful patient interaction. And while there are lots of other components of the telehealth engagement process, without the right and working technology nothing else will get a chance to support overall success. Triadic can help you to understand what technology works best for you and your patients and how to keep it functioning successfully without being a distracting focus from the patient/healthcare professional interaction.

  1. Outsourcing/insourcing/hybrid

  2. Consolidation (‘centralize to standardize’)

  3. WFO (quality, training, reporting, WFM)

  4. Technology (e.g., IVR, chatbots, AI)

  5. Organizational design

  6. Contact center leadership

  7. Focused assessments


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© 2012 Triadic Group, LLC 

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