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Approach & Methodology

Triadic has developed and continues to perfect approaches and methodologies that help clients reach their contact center objectives in a disciplined and informed way, consistent with best practices.
Vision, Values & Strategy


The customized vision and strategy planning workshop, and the post-session follow-up, including project management, can provide a ‘road-map’ for strategy development and execution.

Establishing a solid strategic foundation for what the client “business” is, and what the business means to the client’s operations and employees is a critical first step in defining a supporting strategy.

The vision will articulate what the organization strives to become, and sets the direction for all major services and their execution going forward.

The vision and strategy session is a beginning not an end. The ultimate results are dependent on continuous, disciplined and unrelenting project management execution.

The process begins with key principles and ground rules which lay the foundation for a successful session for achieving the desired outcomes, followed by a step-by-step approach for conducting an effective planning workshop.

Assessment: Strategy, Engagement, Operations, Process,
Cost-out, & Technology


Triadic's assessment approach includes the following high-level methods.


  1. Site visits: to all operations centers, internal, outsourced - on/off-shore.

  2. Interviews: with internal customers, users, stakeholders, and managers.

  3. Observation: users, multiple user groups, the sales and service delivery process; tools and technology.

  4. Documentation: data collection, notation, recording of all interviews, sessions, behavior observation.

Program Management


Triadic has experience helping clients organize and implement complex technology and other programs and projects that are contact center related.

  • Focused on outcomes; defining and reaching objectives.

  • Developing a structured and flexible plan.

  • Managing the plan, and other programs/project managers.

  • Collaborating with multiple organizational departments, including the PMO.

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© 2012 Triadic Group, LLC 

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